The LED troffer is a great break through comparing with traditional design, which made the troffer part visible, allowing it to deliver a new category of performance, and inspired design, provides an economical, easy -to-install upgrade from linear fluorescent lighting to a long-lasting and energy saving LED solution

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Not only a ceiling lamp,but also a fancy decoration to every ceiling. The LTECH LED troffer brings high-level products and makes consumption experience more enjoyable. This is what we desire. Beside light, we make every endeavor to create a easy working environment for all our consumers. 

U-shaped polyester tube cover was installed in the middle of the frame. Sandy inside and shinning outside structure of the cover makes led stripe invisible. This is the spirit of the whole design, it also means 120 degree beam angle of light.
Super light LED bulb, regularly, we adopt LG LED chips, Without UV & IR emission, long using life time. Any high quality chips from our valued customer are acceptable and highly welcome. Current options of color temperature are 3500/4000/5000K.
Four mounting hole on four edge of the back side. When you want to transfer it into a pedant from a ceiling lamp, you can rely on these four tiny holes. Smart and thoughtful design.
The fabulous wire-electrode cutting work craft and several times carefully polishing perfectly ensure smooth formed sides and corners for safety handling; elegant matte white finish can always catch your eyes at first glance.

Application for varieties of scenarios

Applications in buildings, factory, warehouse, work shop, large supermarket,gymnasium, stadiums, exhibitions, squares, airport, toll stations, gas stations, industrial lighting etc.

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LED Troffers

ltechlighting LED Troffers Up to 60% Energy Savings
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