The LTECH LED flexible Strip, consists of high quality variants with the ability to create millions of colors, rendering options offered by color mixing diodes. Provides consistent, color rich illuminations with optimal efficacy while complying with all safety requirements as defined by UL standards. These strips can work for a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor Waterproof and non-waterproof LED strips are both available. We can also provide products in your requirements.

LED strip lights are used for linear, low profile lighting or when space is tight. Some common applications include LED under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, lit stairs, bar lights, signage, display lighting, car strip lights, deck lighting and much more.

The optimizing high-end and premium raw materials

This flexible LED strip is engineered to operate with optimal luminous efficacy and consists of Mitsubishi or Intematix phosphor power, Heraeus gold wire, 99.9% purity, diameter at over 1.0um, use the chip of Epistar, fitted with 3M VHB adhesive tape for secure installation. These LED strip actually can be cut to even more precise measurements, and offer different kind of waterproof demands for the project.

DIY your intelligent LED Strip

The capabilities of LED strip light are limited only by your imagination. Our suggestion for these LED strip is coordinate with LTECH controllers, a variety of dimmer, panel, power supply, RF control, WiFi control and other control methods to meet the custom installation. We offer Intelligent lighting solutions which multiple intelligent features that assist you in energy saving and ensuring the appropriate of the LED strip is set for the current use of the indoor and outdoor. Simple to use and program these features provide many lighting capabilities. For more intelligent lighting solutions, please contact us.

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