The new LTECH U-Linear pendant light bring highly efficient light and a modern, clean apperrance to any setting with an open ceiling design.

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These sleek, streamlined fixtures are perfect for low bay retail, warehouse and industrial settings where brand image and overall performance are both priorities. Unlike traditional fluorescent fixtures with visible tubes, this advanced U-shape solution has an indirect light source that creates a more sophisticated impression while delivering an impressive of 125 lumens per watt. Long 50,000-hour life slashes maintenance for added cost savings. Available in 35W, they install easily and work seamlessly with energy management lighting control systems, such as 0-10V, DALI, Wifi control etc.

Distributes Light More Evenly Than Do Direct Lighting
By providing more uniform lighting to a space, indirect lighting allows for a reduction in light levels. The increased light levels, however, increase energy use and contribute to glare. Indirect lighting solves these problems
Eliminates Glare and Shadows

The proper U-Linear Pendant Lights will help lower maintenance and utility costs, and can both add to the atmosphere of the facility and reduce or eliminate glare problems caused by natural light.
Simple and fast tool-free installation

Provide a professional, high quality, simple, and elegant commercial lighting design, this translates into significant electricity savings and a reduction in cooling load. 
Intelligent Linear Controls

Innovative luminaires designed with technology,  proportion and simplicity in mind. Easily install and work with energy management lighting control systems.  

Application for varieties of scenarios

Indirect lighting systems are best suited to office, classroom, and retail applications.

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U-Linear Pendant Light

ltechlighting U-Linear Pendant Light Advanced U-shape Solution with Indirect Light Source
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