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Employee share out bonus for the second time in 2017 the successful holding of the General Assembly.

2017-09-15 | (5965)

In the golden September, is the harvest season. All the year round in 2016, after hardworking on sowing and deeply plowing, Jiangmen LTECH Lighting also meeting the harvest season.

September 9th, 2017, Jiangmen Ltech Lighting Co., Ltd. Hold a simple but yet ceremonious share out bonus conference for the staff. The conference aims to summarize, plan and reward. Summary and plan to develop in the future for the work of the each department. Bonus awards the staffs who do the excellent contribution in 2016.

Jiangmen LTECH Lighting CEO general Lee opening of this Employee share out bonus conference, he gave a speech in ahead. Firstly, general Lee review that we gain the rich fruitful result, and approve the hardworking staffs, at the same time, he summary the problems and the plan to develop for the future. He said, as long as we continue to improve our cohesive affinity, make great efforts together, we must create brilliance in the future.


Then, following the meeting, manager lee and other leaders respectively to make outstanding contributions in 2016 employees share out bonus (10million) reward, to reward employees in positions of dedicated and hard work of the company, hope employees keep up the good work. 

No pains, no gains. Jiangmen Ltech Lighting emphasis on every employee's progress and growth, hope through the dividend meeting can inspire and motivate every employee, under the guidance of the company to let every employee get better development.In this way, the whole meeting ended in applause and laughter, and everyone was all harvest full. In the future, we will continue our sails to make the performance more innovative and high!

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