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LTECH lighting was identified as a high-tech enterprise.

2017-03-10 | (2999)

CONGRATULATIONS!! LTECH lighting was identified as a high-tech enterprise, which was joint issued by Guangdong Science and Technology commission, Guangdong Financial commission, The National Tax Bureau Guangdong Branch and Guangdong Tax commission. Constantly effects were made by  LTECH lighting to improve capability of independent innovation and to strengthen comprehensive competition. Aggressive enterprise culture and all-in on innovation is our unbeatable strength.

With severe selection standard after layer and layer competition, LTECH lighting eventually won admiration. The certification admitted our hard work on independent intellectual property, application of scientific and technological achievement in production, efficient management in R&D,growth index and personnel structure. It was a great support and approval on our innovation and research performance from The Government, we will be more active to promote our independent-innovate and independent-research process.

Along with all accomplishments, We will depth technology-based development strategy. By increasing R&D investment, we can enduring enhance our independent-innovate and creative capability and core competition to uphold the brand image.

Jiangmen Ltech Lighting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: LTECH lighting) is a subsidiary company of Zhuhai LTECH which research and development, production and sales of intelligent LED lighting for years.
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